U.P Deputy Chief Minister (BJP) has just done Something that Indians can Never ever Expect from a Politician


Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi is always in the headlines but this time UP’s Deputy CM is in discussion’s, Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma is trending in news because of a great work that he has done on last Saturday, Dinesh Sharma helped a road accident victim including and a 5 yr old girl child and transported them to hospital, Dinesh Sharma was on his way to lucknow after attending a program in Kanpur on Saturday when this incident happened.

After the program ended, he returned to Lucknow and reached the convoy of Shanti Path Road, he found some people were injured, who were taken to the hospital by Deputy CM. Just after attending the program at Circuit House in Kanpur, Deputy CM had left to Lucknow, but as soon as his convoy reached the Shanti Path, he came to know that 15 minutes ago a loader and car had collided resulting many people injured, Rishu Singh, five-year-old daughter and the car driver were seriously injured in the accident.

The driver of the same loader and the helper were also injured. Local people also helped them to reach the nearby hospital. Dinesh Sharma called the ambulance and urged them to come immediately on the spot , but after waiting for ten minutes, when no one arrived for help, The Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma reached the convoy and said “Do not delay it, take them in my car immediately”. After this, the security personnel accompanying Dinesh Sharma picked up the injured and set him in a jeep in the convoy and delivered to Ursala Hospital and made the admit During the admission in hospital, Deputy CM also remained in Ursala Hospital for a long time.

After seeing the deputy CM’s reach to Ursala, the Doctor Look intensified and started treatment in the hospital with injuries. On this occasion, the Deputy CM overwhelmed DIG Sonia Singh with SP traffic and questioned the poor traffic system.

Deputy CM asked the government ambulance to come to the spot as soon as possible, but the ambulance did not arrive, after which the injured persons were taken with their vehicles to the Ursala hospital and made them admit. During this time, he knew the condition of the Admit injured in Ursla ,Car driver injured Vinod told that he was returning home with Madame.

The circuit house that had collided with the loader coming from the front. The woman sitting in the car, Rishu Singh, works in an Audi company, has suffered serious head injury.

The same daughter Pahu has suffered minor injuries. On the same case DM Surendra Singh said that the loader and the wagon R have been hit. The incident happened about 10 minutes before the Deputy CM’s convoy came out. He stopped his convoy and attended the injured and brought him to the hospital. Currently the injured are being treated.

Earlier, the minister who has been minister in the Yogi’s Government, Mohsin Raza, had sent one of the injured to the hospital in Lucknow’s Shaheed Path Then Mohsin Raza was passing through the road with his convoy and when his eyes were seen on the roadside accident, Mohsin had reached the hospital.


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