He Must be Arrested immediately!!! This is What “The Quint” Journalist Say to PM Modi


Do you know which the deadly weapon is in the modern day? If you are thinking about nuclear weapon, then you are absolutely wrong.  The deadliest weapon is journalism. Yes, journalism can fool even an intellect, secular and liberal. I am not talking of the journalism that is been in existence since centuries.

The Quint which is popular for the its deadly form of journalism that always tried to malign and tarnish the image of Modi has stopped to an all time low. “The Quint” which had played a major role in targeting PM Modi for following twitter account of a person who allegedly sent abusive tweet, is now caught spreading death wish message against PM modi. Journalist suprateek chatterjee, who works for The Quint was caught spreading hate mongering message on his twitter handle. Look at what he tweeted on PM Modi’s birthday.

When senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was assassinated by unknown men, instead of targeting the suspected, the presstitutes targeted the people who celebrated her death. So by using their logic, the tweet of Suprateek Chatterjee must gain the Headline of all the newspaper of India and must be condemned.

He just issued a death wish against Prime minister of India. After Doing this heinous act, he tried to justify saying that his tweet was not a death wish but as a Vocal critic of PM Modi.

Abusing and threating PM Modi and Indian Culture seems like the only source that provides bread to these kinds of Journalists. What if this sentence was said by a right-wing website of a supporter? The whole of journalist would have and condemned this act. But sadly, no one is condemning this heinous act of a journalist who works for “The Quint”. Look at few other tweets of his Journalist that shows his state of mind.

His act was condemned by every sensible individual. Few urged to file a case against him whereas few others predicted him to be a future murderer.

And even as faceless trolls seemed to be having a field day lambasting Chatterjee, it was media organisation’s reaction to this incident that has been seen as bizarre and unfair. The Quint, a digital media organisation founded by Raghav Bahl, in Chatterjee’s own words threw him under the bus.

Chatterjee, the former entertainment editor of HuffPost India, currently freelances for several organisations of repute including magazines such as Open and The Caravan. The Quint too, was a part of his portfolio, but no more. When Chatterjee’s tweet was being trolled, the organisations he wrote for, as expected, got dragged into the mud-slinging.

The Quint, quick to distance itself from this controversy, put out a statement on its Twitter account. The statement read: “The Quint condemns any kind of hate mongering. Suprateek Chatterjee is not an employee of The Quint. He has been a contributing writer. We are shocked by the views put out by him on Twitter and condemn all hate mongering. He will not write for us again and all his posts are being taken down from our website.”


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