The “” Website of this Indian State declares Christianity as its Official Religion. Is it for real?


India after 70 years of its independence is yet to find its religious identity despite of having approximately 79% of its population as Hindu. However the same cannot be said about the non Hindu majority states of India. Mizoram just discovered its religious identity as ‘Christian’ and shamefully opted to put it on its state website to lend it credibility too.

Mizoram sadly has accepted the fact that 13% of its population which is non Christian is not included in the collective identity of the state. Of these 13%, most of the people are Buddhist Chakmas, Hindu Bru and other non Christian tribals, mostly Animist.

Mizoram has been the home of some fierce religious and ethnic discrimination that has unofficially been backed by the successive state governments. The religious discrimination is in fact masked by the ethnic discrimination . The ethnic Mizo tribes are almost Christian while the supposedly non ethnic tribes are non Christians in their religious affiliations.

Recently, 4 Chakma students from the state had been denied admissions in Medical Colleges under the state quota by the state government stating that the quota can be availed only by the ethnic Mizos and it cannot be extended to non ethnic Mizos.

The only Chakma minister of the Mizoram state, Congress led ministerial council, Buddha Dhan Chakma resigned alleging racial discrimination. He cited the case in which admission was denied to four Chakma students despite clearing the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test.

Later the minister for higher and technical education, stated that all the seats of the state’s quota were reserved for the Zo-ethnic tribes of Mizoram and since the Chakmas weren’t one, they could not be given an admission into the medical colleges.

It can be assumed that this is just another corollary of such incidents that aim to establish a state that is a home to Christians exclusively and ethnicity is a facade that hides the rampant religious discrimination in the state.

Migration of non ethnic Mizo tribes has been rampant in the state and also there have been attempts by the state legislative assembly to dissolve the Chakma autonomous council. As many as 21 resolutions have been passed by the state legislature to dissolve the autonomous councils and relieve the Chakmas of whatsoever share they have in the spectrum of the state politics.

Such shoddy display of state religion is only tacit acceptance of the support that is given by the state to the politics of hate. This is when Mizos complained about the discrimination meted out to them when they were a part of the unified Assam state. They could have been more sensitive to the pains that a minority community has to face in such an atmosphere of targeted hatred.

This also affirms that India is only secular till the time Hindus or non Abrahamic faith are a majority in the numbers. India will definitely lose its secular character once the Abrahmaic faith start to become a majority.


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