These 2 Actions of PM Modi Make India Leave U.S and China Behind in List of Most Influential Countries

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The United States’ positive influence on the world is declining at a faster rate than any other country, according to a new study by Ipsos MORI. India has rapidly increased its Global Ranking in terms of Positive Influence over the world.

Demonetization as an anti corruption Move and Poor Bhutan’s Geographical Interest Protection in Doklam by risking a War with China, are two major Steps by PM Modi which created a very positive influence on the world, and the results are eye-opening.

Respondents saw Canada as having the most positive influence on world affairs, with 81% of them putting it at the top of their list. Canada enjoyed a positive image around the world even before the arrival of Justin Trudeau, “Michael Clemence, Research Manager at Ipsos MORI told Business Insider”. So we would have expected to see it sitting at the top of the list of positive global influencers.

India has swept away two major world powers, USA and China as a Big Surprise. India’s Global Rankings are rising day by day specially since PM Narendra Modi’s arrival to Power in 2014. India’s Global relations have also seen a massive improvement in recent Years.

Canada is seen as setting the best example with 81% of respondents saying it has a positive influence on world affairs. Australia and Germany complete the top three.

Clemence said: Even a few years ago it would have seemed highly unlikely that we’d see China ranking above the US as a positive global influence. Data from Pew Research Center, among others, suggests that the arrival of Donald Trump and his ‘America First’ focus in the White House has been an important factor in a fairly dramatic shift in the US’s external image.
Michael Andrew Clemens is an American development economist. He is a senior fellow and research manager at the Center of Global Development (CGD), a Washington D.C.-based think tank, where he leads the Migration and Development initiative and serves as CGD’s Research Manager. Clemens is also a Research Fellow of IZA, the Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn. Clemens’ current work focuses on the effects of international migration on people from and in developing countries. Clemens leads the Migration and Development Initiative.

Most countries in the report are more positive about themselves than outsiders see them. However, this is particularly prevalent in the US, India, and Russia, where people view their country ,far more positively than the rest of the world do.

The U.S. also trailed China and it dropped 24 percentage points since last year’s survey. That’s primarily due to faltering global confidence in President Trump’s leadership as well as rising skepticism about his America First policies.

Canada, Germany and France are seen as remaining relatively neutral amid a global tidal wave of nationalistic populism. Amid the ongoing Brexit saga, both Britain and the European Union are seen as having positive influence by 57 percent of people. Israel and Iran are only seen as having a good global influence by 32 and 21 percent of people respectively.


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