Mother of all Scams! How Sonia Gandhi led Congress buried 11 scams to safeguard pre-election reputation..


In a shocking revelation, retired General of CAG, RB Sinha has disclosed that the Sonia Gandhi led UPA Government was Successful in hiding 11 major scams that was executed in her tenure.

The UPA government was successful in pressuring a Constitutional Body to put incrementing evidence in cold storage. The Congress was successful in preventing 11 scams from being exposed in the Public.

RB Sinha who had played a major role in 2010 audits of the 2G scam case, said the CAG Headquarters decided that it was not the appropriate time to come with the reports. This has proved that a government authority favored a certain political party.

Will Sonia Gandhi answer to this?

RB Sinha also said that the official saw to it that in the reports, the names of the companies involved and the act of forgery was removed. Sinha also said that “people were taking advantage “of former CAG Shashi Kant Sharma’s Good nature. So it is clear that Sonia Gandhi led UPA Government used its Political influence to hide its scam.

Congress has violated rules by exerting on the CAG officials. Basically, Congress was elected to serve the people, but it showed its skills in carrying out scams by looting the people.

Republic TV was working on this case and it was finally able to convince the CAG official to come in front of the camera. The whole process of Convincing him took 5 months and by this, it is apparent that he was scared to come out in front of the camera.

The integrity of CAG has to be preserved or else the credibility of this Government institution will be lost among the common people. Who were the people involved in the crime? Fingers certainly point at P Chidambaram and family. Now it is left to Modi Government to pursue the case, so that the truth can be exposed.


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