Role of science in India’s development


Role of science in India’s development


Scientists like other countries around the world have also played a major role in Making India. Scientific inventions have enhanced our many standards of life and have solved many tasks that need to be very hard to complete.

Contribution to Indian Scientists World

When we adopted various scientific ideas of developed countries, Indian scientists have also made a big contribution to the world when they came to the field of science to develop our country. Some of these scientists include Salim Ali, Prafulla Chandra Ray, Homi Bhabha, C.V. Raman, Satyendra Nath Bose, Meghnad Saha, SS Abhyankar, Birbal Sahni, Prasanna Chandra Mahalanobis.

His research in the fields of science and scientific inventions not only benefited the country, but the rest of the world also benefited from it.He has made us feel proud by his inventions. Indians are known for their talented students. Many of them have contributed in the field of science and technology in the past and many others continue to do so.

Medical Science is a boon

The role of medical science can not be denied in Making India There was a time when diseases such as pandemic spread and many people died due to which they were deeply shocked by their family members. Due to these deadly diseases we have lost many children, many young talented individuals and many established businessmen. Although today Medical Science has made a lot of progress. Many medicines have been invented to treat various diseases.Scientists around the world are busy researching and researching new treatments and medicines for the treatment of various chronic and deadly diseases.

Several hospitals and nursing homes have been established in many parts of the country to provide treatment to people suffering from various diseases. In these hospitals, good infrastructure and modern equipment have been arranged for the treatment of patients. They have a team of specialist doctors in different areas.

There are already established medical institutions and colleges in the country which offer medical courses. These institutions have trained many students every year so that they can get help to make their country a better place to live.

Role of science in doing good to life

Science is used in all our daily activities. In our lifestyles, there has been development for the past few years. All this is due to the use of various scientific inventions. Everything from science is invented – from making food on gas stove to keeping the same food refreshing in the refrigerator. Some examples of scientific inventions used in our regular life include washing machines, cars, bikes, micro wave ovens, tube lights, bulbs, television, radio, computers and mobile phones.

These things help to do various tasks easily and quickly. One of the best examples is the change in the means of communication. It was difficult for people to reach out to their relatives and friends living in far-flung countries. They had to send letters to share important messages. It took several weeks for these letters to reach the recipients and it took too long to get the answer.This problem has been reduced to a lesser extent by the invention of the telephone.

Although this was a very expensive case. Today the advancement of science and technology has given birth to mobile phones and the Internet. It has become easier to interact with people around the world. These sources help in sharing the knowledge and assist in the development of the country.


Scientific inventions have helped the country to rise financially and still continue to do so. Many of these innovations are working in different areas as well as in domestic activities to develop businesses and increase the lifestyle of people.


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