Meet Rahul Gandhi’s Close Relative who Abuses PM Modi Openly and Smriti Irani. Here’s What He Said..


Hatred, jealous and frustration presently the congress party is filled with these three features. They hate a leader because he is working for the nation, meanwhile destroying the opposition too. They are jealous as they cannot reach the standard of this leader. Frustration is evident as they cannot curb his popularity.

The universal leader, PM Modi who has hypnotized the world seems above the reach of congress leaders. That’s why they have resorted to cheap tricks in order to gain attention. Godhra riots, Modi separation from his wife Modi’s suits Modi foreign trips were the only issued that congress was dragging, chewing and munching all these days.

When none of these cheap tricks worked, Rahul Gandhi unleashed his deadly weapon named Teheen Poonawalla to attack PM modi in all Possible ways. Tehseen Poonawala is related to congress President Sonia Gandhi’s Son in law Robert vadra. This guy is so cool that he is always hooked up to twitter and initiates twitter trend that smells anti-Hindu and anti modi agenda.

Tehseen Poonawal crossed his limit when he spoke cheaply about PM modi and smiriti irani. Look at these racist remarks made by him the backdrop of antti national activities in JNU campus.

When BJP MLA Ahuja allegedly that more than 10,000 cigarettes butts, 4,000 Beedis, 50,000 Bone pieces, 2,000 wrappers and 3,000 used condoms were found on the campus , Tehseen found it an opportunity to exhibit his original character.

When patriots wanted a flag to be hoisted at every college Tehseen could not Tolerate it. He made a derogatory Statement specially quoting the word “Erect”in a vulgar way. This man who patronize a woman Sonia Gandhi as his leader, lacks basic manners to respect another woman who hold a cabinet post in central government.

This man who keeps on abusing women of rival ideologies has a history of spreading fake news. After intolerance the new addition to an Indian vocabulary was the word “lynching”. This guy tried to capitalize on lynching narrative and tweeted that his worker was lynched. But when the police asked to file a case in the police station, he showed his stupidity by asking the police to contact his personal assistant as he was busy. He was so busy that he was able to tweet series of fake messages but could not lodge a complaint.

Congress party always boast that they made a woman as India’s prime minister . But it seems like they don’t respect any woman other than Indra, Sonia and Priyanka Gandhi. Irony is that , Tehseen Poonawalla was not even condemned by any of the congress leaders. What kind of woman empowerment are they taking of?


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