Living Proofs on Camera! Qutub Minar is an Ancient Hindu Temple & Space research Laboratory


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Before we take you into a tale of our Ancient history and how the ‘Past’ of Bharat was re-fabricated by Islamic Invaders to change the ‘Future’ of India, We must warn you that our intention is not to spread hate but to present the Real Truth in front of you, no matter how bitter it may taste, however, please read this article only, if you have the courage to accept the Truth, the way it is.

One hard fact, Qutub Minar was not built by any Qutubuddin Aibak in 12th century, instead it was built in 4th century, known around that time as ‘Dhruv stambha’.

you will be shocked to know that some Intelligent muslims scholars declared ‘Qutub Minar’ A Hindu Temple and not an Islamic building built by invader  Qutubuddin aibak

Defaced Hindu Gods in QUTUB Minar Complex

Here is what the Founder of Aligarh Muslim University, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan stated about the so called ‘Qutub Minar’ which was ‘Allegedly’ Built by Qutub-ud-Din Aibak in 12th Century.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan writes, “The Qutub cannot be a minaret because the column’s door is north-facing similar to Hindu Temples, while the doors of minarets are always east facing…. The structure’s first level also shows evidence of stones being placed at a later stage and there is evidence of the bell-and-chain motif of Hindu temples on the first floor. Additionally, the inscription on this pillar is similar to that of Qutubuddin Aibak and Muʿizzuddin’s conquest on the converted temple-mosque.”

He further states,” …there is nothing odd in the fact that epitaphs have been inscribed where idols once were…..when the Muslims conquered the temple, they added their own epigraphs upon the building’.
These broken Hindu Idols can be clearly seen in Qutub Minar complex, it will not take you more than a micro second to figure out that such an architecture and stone carving is a very popular classic architecture of ancient Hindu temples and caves, another fact being, idolatry is strictly not permitted in Islam.

Scroll Below to find out the Truth about so called Qutub Minar..


This Iron Pillar (till date no scientists have been able to find out the exact metallurgy used to build this pillar as it has not rusted since last 1600 years) is located within the Qutub Minar Complex and it was built in 4th Century by Hindu Rishi (sage) Called Varaha Mihira in 4th Century, Under the Reign of King Vikaramditya.

He was a distinguished astronomer, mathematician, astrologer, Geologist, Gemologist, Agruculturist, Physicist, Doctor and Philosopher of his time. This point is to be noted that Qutub Minar is located in ‘Mehrauli’, Delhi. Mehrauli is a distorted name for ‘Mihira-vali’ which means ‘land of Mihira’, since Varaha Mihira had constructed a Astronomy and space science research lab in this area in 4 century and therefore he built ‘Dhruva Stambha’ ( to be used as a star observatory) meaning ‘North pillar’ in English, which was invaded and refabricated by an Islamic invader called Qutubuddin Aibak in 12th century and he named it after his name, declaring it as ‘Qutub Minar’.

Nowhere else in the world, Muslims have been able to build an architecture of such wonder. to find out the truth, all you neeed to do is to take a camera in your hands and visit Qutub minar once and for all, you will spot multiple pillars which have numerous Hindu idols carving, which is impossible to be found in an Islamic mosque complex.

Scroll Below to See this 

Ancient Indian Brahmi Script on this Iron Pillar



Translation and Transcription of the Inscription on the Iron Pillar

This is a script called ‘Brahmi’ which is as old as Sanskrit

He, on whose arm fame was inscribed by the sword, when, in battle in the Vanga countries (Bengal), he kneaded (and turned) back with (his) breast the enemies who, uniting together, came against (him);-he, by whom, having crossed in warfare the seven mouths of the (river) Sindhu, the Vahlikas were conquered;-he, by the breezes of whose prowess the southern ocean is even still perfumed;- He, the remnant of the great zeal of whose energy, which utterly destroyed (his) enemies.

Just  like (the remnant of the great glowing heat) of a burned-out fire in a great forest, even now leaves not the earth; though he, the king, as if wearied, has quit this earth, and has gone to the other world, moving in (bodily) from to the land (of paradise) won by (the merit of his) actions, (but) remaining on (this) earth by (the memory of his) fame;- (L. 5.)

By him, the king,-who attained sole supreme sovereignty in the world, acquired by his own arm and (enjoyed) for a very long time; (and) who, having the name of Chandra, carried a beauty of countenance like (the beauty of) the full-moon,-having in faith fixed his mind upon (the god) Vishnu, this lofty standard of the divine Vishnu was set up on the hill (called) Vishnupada (4th Century A.D.)

These Typical Hindu Temple Styled Bell Chains are not Possible in a Muslim ARCHITECTURE

As you can clearly see in the above picture, which is taken in Qutub Minar complex, which is also houses quwwat ul islam mosque, now just tell us, what is a Bell and chain design is doing in a Mosque when there are no bells in a mosque. Bells are found in Hindu Temples. all Muslims brothers and sisters of this world would agree to this fact.


Destroyed Faces of Hindu Deities

deliberately destroyed faces of statues and idols.. Is it not at attempt to hide something ??

When are Hindus going to wake up ?


Last but not the least, but this image of the big gate at the Qutub Minar complex, is a classic case of Architectural hijacking. See how the new red plates have been crafted over the old Yellow colored stone.

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