If Ravish Kumar Ji Answers My Questions Suitably, I Will Stop Writing..


Hope you are happy after writing a letter to the Prime Minister. I am happy to see that you put the issues of indecency in social media before the Prime Minister. But your letter seemed incomplete. Hence, to finish what you started let me put forth some questions for you to answer. Hopefully in this great democracy called India, a common man like me does have the right to question the doyens of Journalistic Integrity like yourself.

So far you have been asking all the questions; which of course is your duty. But let us reverse the roles, I am positive that you will definitely answer my questions, considering your faith in your noble job and democratic system of this country.

Ravish Kumar ji, you mentioned that decency on social media platforms has gone for a toss, hate speeches and threats are being used as instruments to shun detractors, those who are followed by the prime minister on social media are flag bearers of the aforementioned behavior.

So, Ravish Kumar Ji let me start with this question, where were you then when two big leaders of the country’s oldest party, who happen to follow you on Social Media hurled abuses on the Prime Minister of India.

What greatness did you see in those who called Modi Fans ‘Chu *’? What made you follow them? Even After they were publicly exposed, you continued to follow them. So, if the Prime Minister is responsible for following Nikhil Dadhich, shouldn’t you be responsible for what Tewari and Digvijay tweeted, because you followed them and still do? Same yardsticks, you see.

I agree that because of the acute shortage of work, Ravish Kumar Ji, you are not busy nowadays, hence you roam around on the social media which you used to admonish as a non-serious platform. You even stopped tweeting in disgust.

You say it does not behoove people for feeling sad about the fact that critics are still alive and kicking but Good sir, tell me one thing, ‘Supratik Chatterjee’, another eminent member of your super eminent clique wished for the death of PM Modi on the on his Birthday; a woman journalist compared the prime minister to an animal, where, good sir, where were you? You call yourself a critic and not an opponent, then where was the same tone of your scathing criticism when people you followed were hurling all sorts of abuses on your own Prime Minister?

You highlighted about threats you received in a WhatsApp group, in your letter to the Prime Minister, but good sir, if you have enough evidence, why don’t you go to the nearest police station and file a complaint, Talking about it in social media, crying over it or accusing random people, groups or even ideologies won’t help Ravish Ji.

You cited the name of one Akash Soni, you mentioned his alleged links with “organizations like RSS”, instead of taking the name of an organization, you should go to the police and ask them to nab the culprits. I do not think organizations like RSS or any of your favorite organizations would appreciate their followers resorting to threats or verbal violence.

But you have been questioning the organization based on the name of a WhatsApp user, without any formal investigations. If I resort to threatening and abusive behavior on social media after renaming my Social Media Profiles to “Ankit sharma leftist”, will you put ‘leftists’ in the dock without checking? You also mentioned that the administrator has a picture with all the big leaders, why did you not say this about Kedar Kumar Mandal? The same Kedar Kumar Mandal whose picture with Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was all over the internet. Yes the same Kedar who on the very first day of Navratri called Maa Durga ‘A Whore’, You Conveniently forgot the story, the person and the photograph, why Ravish Kumar Ji

Ravish Kumar Ji, you are a common citizen, I am a common citizen too, and the times have changed so much that even the Prime Minister of the country calls himself the Prime Servant. Why will the prime Servant of the nation snatch away your job? Every person protects and grows in his own job, with his own work, his sheer dedication, his passion.

If your work is good then whoever your boss is will award you with fair monetary appraisals and promotions, if the work is bad, you’ll be demoted or sacked. What is the Prime Minister’s role in it? If there is evidence of the Prime Minister’s role in it then you must present it, otherwise it will simply be treated as a lie peddled to tarnish the image of the prime minister. If you like sympathies then it is another matter altogether but please do not call yourself a journalist.

I am also the son of a journalist, and I feel bad that ‘artists’ these days are called journalists. Ravish Kumar Ji, You say Bobby Ghosh was fired from his job because of the Prime Minister’s dislike, if you really think this indeed was the case, please go to court, pursue the case, prove it, but please do not exhibit your artistry to gain some quick sympathy points. The judiciary is independent in this country. Remember.

Ravish Kumar ji, and let us not even talk about your fight against people who disrespect women, In response to an ordinary person on your Facebook page, you invoked Jashodaben. The ones you follow on Twitter have used words like ‘Sau Percent tanch maal’ for women, where was your zeal to protect women’s honor then? When you were using the prime minister’s wife as a weapon in response to an unknown person’s jibes, you lost all moral rights to present yourself as a woman respecting man

Ravish Kumar ji the letter you wrote, is not a letter, it is simply the outburst of your frustration! I hail you as a wonderful storyteller, but the public can not be confused with stories anymore because they have firsthand access to Information. The public has learned to understand the hidden motives behind the heart wrenching stories. Comparing yourself to the prime minister in a letter to the Prime Minister, shows how you are the advocate of a single party.

If you want to pursue a career in politics, you should make your ambitions public, Get out in the electoral field, fight elections and maybe defeat PM Modi. You will, I am sure, get to know where the loyalty of the people lies. But if you have to complain about Personal Whatsapp Group Messages, you can do it by visiting the nearest police station.

Ravish Kumar Ji, If you answer my questions suitably, I will stop writing, hopefully, to save this great democracy, you will definitely answer my questions. You also have a democratic right to not answer it. Still waiting for your reply, stay healthy and happy till then


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