PM Modi Tweeted Something all of a Sudden about Jewish people and this is how they replied


Hinduism and Jewism, Both are Eastern religions, meaning they have specialized diets, meditation/ chanting as forms of prayer, both have veneration of ancestors, hold that some parts of their land are sacred, and have karma/”As you reap, so shall you sow” as fundamental tenets. And neither of the faiths punish people simply for not sharing our beliefs. Hindus are welcome to visit Israel, and Jews are free to visit India.

Israel’s President came to visit India and PM Modi tweeted about the positive contribution of Jewish community in India and this is how they replied.

मोदी जी ने हाल ही में इजराइल के ज्यूइश लोगों के बारे में कुछ मीठे बोल ट्वीट किये और तुरंत ही इजराइल में तहलका मच गया. अगले पेज पर एक बार जरूर देखें इजराइल के ज्यूइश लोगों ने मोदी जी के ट्वीट का कैसे जवाब दिया ?

See the Amazing Response from Jewish people, all over the world to PM Narendra Modi’s 1 single tweet on Jewsih People

इजराइल के लोगों ने कहा की हिन्दुओं ने पिछले 1500 ज्यूइश लोगों को भारत में शरण दी और कभी उनका उत्पीड़न नहीं किया l  

इसके बाद इजराइल के राष्ट्रपति का हिंदी में ट्वीट पढ़ कर आप गदगद हो जायेंगे और आपको इजराइल से प्यार हो जायेगा l 

What you are about to see below will make you fall in love with Israel’s President.. Long Live israel!!

Israel’s president Reuven Rivlin went miles ahead in showing his love for India after he wrote his Tweet to express his view on Indo Israel trade relations in हिंदी (Hindi) language.

Please read his tweet below :

See this Unbelievable Video : Israeli Jewish Hindus chanting n dancing “Hare Rama: Hare Krishna in Tel Aviv, Israel

A group of devotees is living in Katzir-Harish. Another Vaishnava community in Israel is in Ariel. It is spearheaded by Jagadish and his wife, Jugala-Priti, and serves a growing community of devotees from Russia who immigrated to Israel to escape the severe economic oppression in the CIS. Jugala-Priti joined the ISKCON Hindu Temple in Tel Aviv, in 1996 guided by Gunavatar and Varshabhanavi.

Hindu festivals in Israel

Krishna Janmashtami

Hindus are able to practice freely in the country. This is notably shown by the celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami. Plays are staged revolving around stories of Krishna’s childhood, besides singing and dancing. The event is accompanied with a feast of 108 dishes, a number that has come to be identified as pious by the faithful.

The organisers said they were inspired by Kumbh and started the event in Israel three years ago. Many of the visitors at the festival have been to India or are planning to visit. A number of youngsters could be seen taking Yoga classes and attending Hare Krishna lectures. Long queues were to be found outside the Indian ‘dhaba’ serving boiled rice and lentil soup. Middle aged couples, draped in Indian clothes, strolled the beach, young boys and girls drew circles on the soft sand while others surfed the morning sea


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