PM Modi at Kedarnath: What Modi ji Announced today Proves He is the Biggest Bhakt of Lord Shiva


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today visited the Kedarnath temple and sought blessings from Lord Shiva to fulfill the dreams of a developed India by 2022. He also wished people of the country on new year as the day after Diwali is being observed as the first day of new year as per Hindu calendar in many parts of the country.

Recounting the destruction during the floods, he said, I offered my tribute to those who died during the floods.I was chief minister of a state then but i could not stop myself. When news of Gujarat government’s assistance to develop Kedarnath spread that time, the Centre got disturbed and the state govt (Uttarakhand) had to refuse Gujarat’s assistance.”

But it was baba’s (Lord Shiva) wish that I am here now to lay the foundation of its reconstruction, he added.

The prime minister said that the reconstruction plan has been made in keeping the interest of yatris, priests.

Here are 10 big takeaways from PM Modi’s Kedarnath visit:

* PM Modi said development of Kedarnath will focus on extending facilities to pilgrims as well as priests. * Constant supply of electricity and running water will be provided.

* Facilities like post and computers would be enhanced, said PM Modi. * He also said that the approach roads would be widened and will be well lit to add to the convenience.

* “I personally looked at the architecture and development of the project.* Work on a retaining wall on Mandakini river would commence in the near future. “A retaining wall and ghat will be built around Mandakini for the benefit of pilgrims, where they can sit down and relax, enjoy the music of the river.”

* PM Modi assured that all development work would ensure that there is no detrimental effect on environment. “Building modern infrastructure in Kedarnath but the traditional soul will be  preserved and will ensure environment laws not flouted.”

* PM Modi also took a dig at Congress and said his offer to help during the 2013 floods had made the UPA government nervous.

* The Prime Minister said he is fortunate to now get a chance to work for the development of Kedarnath and the whole of Uttarakhand. “Jan Seva is Prabhu Seva. I have this tremendous opportunity to serve now. From this holy land of Kedarnath, I seek the blessings of Bhole Baba and pledge to devote myself fully to realising the dream of a developed India by the time we mark 75 years of freedom in 2022,” he said.

* “I assure you that over 10 lakh pilgrims will come to Kedarnath next year. And all of them will get every facility required.


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