What Maulana Kalbe Sadiq Said to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji will Shock you


Before we move further, let us learn a bit more about Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who is a Globlly respected spiritual leader and founder of the Art of Living Foundation created in 1981, which aims to relieve individual stress, societal problems, and violence. In 1997, he established a Geneva-based charity, the International Association for Human Values, an NGO that engages in relief work and rural development and aims to foster shared global values.

For his service, he has received some of the highest awards of several countries including India, Peru, Colombia, and Paraguay. In January 2016, he was awarded the “Padma Vibhushan” by the Government of India.

विश्व प्रसिद्ध इस्लामिक धर्मगुरु मौलाना कल्बे सादिक़ ने  गुरुदेव  श्री श्री रवि शंकर के बारे में ये बयां दे कर सारी दुनिया को चौंका  डाला l  मौलाना कल्बे सादिक़ कई देशों में इस्लाम की शिक्षा दे चुके हैं परन्तु  इस  बार उन्होंने जब आचार्य रवि शंकर से भरी पब्लिक के सामने बोल डाला कि….

a video featuring Maulana Kalbe Sadiq and the Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has gone viral.

In the video, the Maulana is seen sitting next to Sri Sri and telling the audience how he got influenced with the Hindu philosophy.

While addressing the audience, Maulana Kalbe Sadiq quoted Hazrat Ali as saying, “When a person doesn’t knows about a thing he/she starts hating it, similarly, till the time I didn’t knew about Hindu philosophy I used to hate it. ”Around 15-20 years back, some maulanas from Iran had visited India to meet some good sadhus and sants, who could educate them on the Hindu religion. I took them to India’s temple city, Varanasi.

There we went to an ancient ‘mandir’, where I saw Gita ‘slokas’ written on the walls. Seeing those, the maulanas asked me about them. I translated the first ‘sloka’ in Persian to them…they replied by saying, it was Quran’s ayat,” the maulana said.

एक बार ये विडियो जरूर देखें : 

Maulana Maulana Kalbe Sadiq’s rebellious remark on Hindu Dharma

Watch this mind blowing Video 

Maulana Kalbe Sadiq surprised the world when he admitted that he is a Student of Gurudev Ravi Shankar ji.

On September 21st, 2013, Maulana Kalbe Sadiq was honored by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the Art of Living International Center in Bangalore, India. He spoke at the event  and simply rejected the idea of  violence saying, “Anyone who kills the innocent cannot be a Muslim.” He also said that when he accidentally found that many verses in the Gita and the Quran have the same message, it grabbed his attention towards Bhagvad Geeta which he later studied in depth.

अर्जेंटीना में गुरु श्री श्री रवि शंकर जी ने जब Argentina देश में गिनीस बुक ऑफ़ रिकॉर्ड में नाम दर्ज कराया और भारत एवं हिंदु धर्म को गौरवान्वित किया l 

ये विडियो नहीं देखी तो कुछ नहीं देखा जिंदगी में 

watch this Video when guru Ravi shankar ji got Yoga in a Guinness book of world Records in Argentina

09 September 2012, over 150,000 people in Argentina and over 100 cities world wide joined Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in a mass meditation event. The “Planet Meditates” event was part of Sri Sri’s 4 day tour to Argentina where he met his devotees and students and offered his divine blessings to the people of Argentina.

आज ये अत्यंत शोक का विषय है की केंन्द्र में भाजपा की सरकार होने के बावजूद भी हिंदु धर्म के इस महान संत को भारत की न्यायिक व्यवस्था के कारण इतने कष्ट झेलने पद रहे हैं l  परन्तु इन सब कठिनाइयों के बावजूद भी गुरुदेव हिंदु धर्म के प्रेम सन्देश लेकर पूरी दुनिया में अध्यात्मिक क्रांति के शिखर पर बैठे हैं और कोई राजनीतिज्ञ तो उनके पैर की धूल के समान भी नहीं

Today it is a matter of great sorrow that despite  BJP government in Centre, This great Hindu saint hasto suffer because of  Indian judicial system. Despite of all these difficulties, Guru Ravi shankar ji is spreading the message of love and spirituality. He has brought a spiritual revolution throughout the world and he is sitting on top of spiritual success and these damn politicians are not even the dust of his feet.

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And Yes, last but not the least ‘Hare Krishna’

ॐ नमः शिवाय


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