Liberal Radio Jockey Archana Got Married to Arif Khan, What Happened Now is a Lesson for all Hindu Girls


    AHMEDABAD: Radio jockey Archana Khan has lodged a complaint under section 498(a) for mental and physical abuse against her husband Mohammed Arif Khan, 36, at Shahibaug police station. Archana alleged that Khan was in extra-marital relationship and would abuse her and beat her up. Police said they have arrested Khan and have released him on bail.

    According to complaint, Archana met Khan, then a cycle dealer, about four years ago and they married after a brief courtship. “They have a three- year-old son,” said a police official. Police officials said Archana stated in the FIR that after running into losses in his business, Khan started a South Indian fast food outlet.

    Archana alleges that of late, Khan had entered an illicit relationship with another woman and had started abusing her physically and mentally. He used to verbally abuse her, demand money and even beat her up,” said a police official.

    According to the FIR, as Archana works five days a week, she went to parents’ house in Shahibaug last weekend. “On Monday, September 25, after returning from Mumbai Khan called Archana and then rushed to her parents’ house,” added a police source.

    Police officials said that Archana’s mother Mrudul Jani and father Anil Jani told Khan to leave their home because of his indecent behavior. “As Khan left, Archana ran after him to reconcile but Khan dragged her by her hair and assaulted her in front of the security guard,” said a police official.

    Although, it’s from Law frame view, it’s a case of Domestic Violence but it clearly smells like a Love Jihad situation. Love Jihad, also called Romeo Jihad, is defined as an activity under which young Muslim boys and men target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by Pretending to be in love, with ulterior motives running back in the mind.


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