Shunning conservatives’ warnings, a liberal mother decided to open her home to a group of refugee children with the belief that her kindness and love would change their mind about Westerners. However, just 2 nights later, the woman heard a strange noise that led her to a horrific scene in her young daughter’s bedroom, courtesy of the minor refugees.

Despite the conservative media’s warnings and plain common sense, ignorant liberals continue to be led by their fickle emotions, desperately wanting the left’s propaganda to be true. Unfortunately, the photos and videos of vulnerable Syrian women and sad-eyed children do not represent the refugee crisis, as 72 percent of asylum seekers are men who bring their violent and oppressive religious compulsions with them. Disturbingly, it often takes the brutal reality befalling their own children for these bleeding-heart liberals to open their eyes.

When a mother decided to open her home to 5 self-proclaimed Syrian “child refugees,” she did so to show compassion, inclusiveness, and diversity because she had been swayed by the left’s political lies. The unnamed Swedish woman allowed this group, whom she believed to be asylum seeking teens, to stay at the home she shared with her 2 daughters in Västmanland. Disturbingly, she not only discovered that her foreign guests were actually men posing as children but had immigrated to the West for something other than refuge.

Fria Tider reports that the woman awoke to one of her children complaining about a strange sound coming from her sister’s bedroom, only to discover that one of the “child refugees” was raping her 14-year-old daughter. The mother discovered that the asylum seekers are Arab men between the ages of 20 and 25 after explaining to police that one had “knocked out” her teen daughter before raping her in November 2016.

The sleeping mother was alerted by the victim’s sister who believed the girl was in trouble after hearing “a smashing noise” coming from the bedroom. Incredibly, the mother initially refused to believe there was any wrongdoing on the part of the refugees, saying that they were “probably just making out.” It wasn’t until she walked in to discover her daughter naked and unwakeable that she realized her terrible mistake.

After raping the girl, the 25-year-old Arab migrant walked downstairs only to later return to the girl’s bedroom and sexually assault her once more because “it was best to take advantage” while she was still incapacitated.

The 25-year-old Syrian was arrested and tried at the Västmanland District Court where he received just 2 years and 10 months in prison for raping a child. The court has refused deportation, only requiring him to pay the victim $150,000, which she’ll likely never receive.

“It depends on the circumstances of the case. There was an opinion from the Swedish Migration Board [not to deport him] and, on that basis, judicial prosecutors had argued that no such claim would be made and I fully agree with it,” said chamber prosecutor Frieda Gummesson.

Disturbingly, Gummesson reasoned that because deported criminals often return without much resistance thanks to Sweden’s open borders, there’s no point in trying to deport him.

“You simply cannot deport people to places that they would be expelled from if they were returned from here. Then they are not expelled, “she says.

The migrant came to Sweden near the end 2015 and was given a temporary residence permit that expires in December 2019. He had reportedly left his wife and daughter behind in Iraq, proving that he was merely a criminal and economic migrant, as most refugees are.

Although the victim escaped serious physical injury, she was so traumatized by the event that she has dropped out of school for several months. She will only be 16 years old at the most when her rapist is back on the streets.

According to statistics, 1 in 4 Swedish females will be raped as sexual assaults continue to rise with each new influx of migrants. Additionally, Muslims represent as much as 77 percent of rape suspects, earning Sweden the title “rape capital of the West.”

Although the left will never admit it, Islam is the motivation for such savagery. The Islamic prophet Muhammad modeled the conquest of non-Muslim nations by infiltrating Medina as a refugee. Soon, he repaid his hosts’ hospitality by raping, enslaving, persecuting, and slaughtering all remaining non-Muslims. Over 1,400 years later, his legacy lives on in the so-called Syrian refugee crisis.


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