Leaked: This is what Terrorist Abu Dujana told Army officer minutes before his encounter in Kashmir


Pulwama/Srinagar: Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) militant Abu Dujana had rejected a phone call from an Army officer to surrender, minutes before he was gunned down by the security forces in an encounter in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday.

In an earlier call which he answered, Dujana told the officer that he had left behind his parents in Gilgit-Baltistan for jihad.

In a bid to strike a conversation with the LeT militant who was holed up inside a house, the officer had commissioned a Kashmiri civilian.

 According to The Times of India, the terrorist is heard on the tape speaking coolly. After the civilian began the conversation, he handed over the phone to the officer. Dujana was heard asking the officer: “Kya haal hai? Maine kaha, kya haalhai (how are you. I asked, how are you)?” The officer replies: “Humara haal chhor Dujana. Why don’t you surrender? (You have married this girl. What you are doing isn’t right.)”


When told by the officer that he is being used by the Pakistani agencies to torture Kashmiris, Dujana says: “Hum nikley thhey shaheed hone. Main kya karu. Jisko game khelna hai, khelo. Kabhi hum aagekabhi aapaaj aapne pakad liyamubarak ho aapko. Jisko jo karna hai karlo (I’d left home for Jihadist martyrdom. What can I do? Sometimes we are ahead, sometimes you—today you caught me. Congratulations. Now do what you have to)”.

He adds: “Surrender nahi kar sakta. Jo meri kismat may likha hoga, Allah wahi karegatheek hai? (I won’t surrender. Allah does what’s fated, okay?)”.

The officer tries to persuade him to surrender by reminding him about his parents. However, Dujana remains defiant and says that he had left his family back in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Maa baap toh uss din mar gayejis din main unko chhor kar aaya (my parents died the day I left them behind),” he tells the officer.

As per the daily, the officer then tells Dujana that Indian forces do not want a bloodbath with Pakistan-based militants and also that “Allah is one for everyone”.

To this, Dujana replies: “If he’s one for you and for me, then come and meet me inside the house”.

The LeT militant suddenly ends the conversation, paying no attention to the officer’s repeated appeals to save Kashmiris and not recruit youth for terror.

The officer tells the civilian again to call Dujana and tell him to surrender, but the terrorist does not pick up the call.

Dujana, who carried a reward of Rs 15 lakh on his head, was killed by security forces when he went to visit his Indian wife in a village in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police, which had apparently been tracking the militant, called the killing of Abu Dujana as a “huge achievement”.


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