Kangna Ranaut’s statements shook the Bollywood and social media ..


In the relationship with Hritik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut has given many such statements which shook the industry as well as the social media, in the TV show – Aap Ki Adaalat Kangana has asked both Hritik and Rakesh Roshan to apologize to her, 3 times national award winner has said that both the son and the father has destroyed her image.


Kangana said –

I have suffered so much of disrespect that it has no measure, all night long I used to cry, I hardly used to get sleep, I got stress, I got mental trauma, there are many types of cheap mails on me to which people still google and read and make fun of me, for this insolence they must apologize to me.

Kangana read many of her life pages in this interview, not only about Hritik and Rakesh Roshan, but she has even said about Aditya Pancholi and Karan Johar without any fear.She said following about Hritik Roshan,

She had an affair with Hritik Roshan, but when Hritik got divorce from his ex-wife, he baked out, Kangna said that she even received a legal notice from Hritik Roshan, that she must apologize to him and she should even call a press conference to tell the media she is not the silly ex, He tweeted and said, i can date the pope but i can not date kangana, he also gave me warnings that he would release my personal photos in the media.

This is not the first time Kangana has spoke about Aditya Pancholi, when kangana was struggling in Bollywood to make their name she had a relationship with Aditya Pancholi, though he is twice the age of Kangana, as Zareena is his wife and Suraj Pancholi is his son.

Kangana said they used to live like married couples, and they were even planing to have their own home on yaari road, they used to live together and they continued to live for 3 consecutive years in a friend’s place, the phone which she was using was of Aditya only, She also told the media that once she jumped from her apartment’s first floor to protect her self from Aditya Pancholi, and took a hotel room and locked her self, but Aditya Pancholi followed her there also.

When she came to Zareena to seek help that Aditya is abusing her , Zareena told her that when Aditya stays at home he beats up our workers and anyone who visits to our place, we are in peace if he is not here, i can not help you in this matter.

Kangana even said Karan Johar as Mafia of the industry and even that the industry is ruled by major 3-4 families of the Bollywood.



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