Breaking: Intelligence Experts suggest this Concrete Plan to End Kashmir problem forever, govt. is going to implement this


NEW DELHI: As the Centre considers measures to reduce alienation, apparent during the protests following the death of Hizbul terrorist Burhan Wani. The view in official circles is getting very very serious and the Government has asked the Home Ministry to seek Intelligence reports on finding best possible concrete Solution about the Massive radicalization increasing day by day in Kashmir.

Ministry of Home affairs has received a Major report after which the Radical elements in Kashmir have already started to piss in their Pants. So, Here is the Path breaking Action Plan suggested by Indian Intelligence Experts to Solve Kashmir problem and good part is that Modi govt is going to implement it

बड़ी खबर : कश्मीर में मीडिया, मस्जिदों और मदरसों पर अब से सरकार और ख़ुफ़िया एजेंसीयां करेगी पूरी तरह से कण्ट्रोल 

Tough action against religious leaders known for anti-India “hate sermons” along with promoting “nationalist” content in moderate madarsas are part of hard and soft options the Centre is weighing in the context of Jammu & Kashmir.

The hardening of stance against separatists is seen as a political signal that the government is firm about dealing with elements it sees as trouble-makers and obstructionists and feels are usually aligned with Pakistan’s interests. This political line is in sync with Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat’s statement that locals who attempt to disrupt anti-terrorist operations by stone pelting will be treated as abettors of terrorism and is a signal to the valley and Pakistan.

What NSA Ajit Doval is Going to Do: Every Jihadi will run for their Lives now after this Staunch Decision of Modi Govt. on Kashmir’s Mosques, Madarsa and Media

On the other hand, exposing madrasa students to “nationalist” content and message of unity as well as opportunity could be part of the way ahead and the suggestions are part of a set of actionable points likely to be put up before the political leadership. Demonstrative legal action against leaders who spew anti-India rhetoric and radicalise the youth is high on the list as the government is keen to check radical maulvis from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir or from within India.

“Control” of the mosque, madrasa, print and TV media, changes in political atmosphere, strengthening of intelligence set-up and reaching out to the moderate faction of Hurriyat are some of the suggestions in an assessment report prepared by the Centre about the prevailing situation in the Kashmir Valley. The report, compiled after securing inputs from ground, suggests long-term “actionable points” and has been sent to National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval, sources said.

Discussing the three-decade-old insurgency in the Valley, the report makes no reference to Pakistan but suggests that the political atmosphere in the Valley needs to be changed and those who were part of the 2014 election victory need to be supported and promoted by the government.

The report suggests that some of the financial schemes of the Centre may be implemented through these people that may help to bring more people in their area of influence.

Giving the break-up of Shia, Bakkarwal and Pahadi Muslim population, it suggests that a special development scheme can be implemented for them before they get lured by separatists or what it calls the widespread cult of Wahabism within the Valley. The moulvis at the mosques need to be engaged that will go a long way to quell insurgency in the Valley, it was stated.


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