Indian Culture


Indian Culture

India is a famous country for its culture and traditions all over the world. This is the land of various cultures and traditions. India is the world’s oldest civilization country. The important element of Indian culture is good manners, tahajib, civil dialogue, religious rites, beliefs and values. Now, while everyone’s lifestyle is getting modern, Indian people still maintain their traditions and values. The intimacy between people of different cultures and traditions has created a unique country, ‘India’.By following our own culture and tradition, people live in peace in India.

In India’s culture there is everything like the idea of ​​heritage, the lifestyle of people, beliefs, customs, values, habits, upbringing, humility, knowledge etc. Culture is one way to deal with others, to respond to things with benignity, to understand our understanding of values, justice, principles and beliefs.

Old-generation people give their culture and beliefs to the new generation. Therefore, all children behave well here because they have these cultures and traditions already received from their parents and grandparents. We can see the glimpse of Indian culture in all things, such as dance, music, art, behavior, social rules, food, handicrafts, costumes etc. India is a big melting pot, which has different beliefs and behaviors that give birth to different cultures here.

It has its roots in the origin of various religions since about five thousand years ago. It is believed that Hinduism has originated from the Vedas here. All holy scriptures of Hindu religion are written in Sanskrit language. It is also believed that the beginning of Jainism was from ancient times and its existence was in the Indus Valley. Buddha is a second religion which originated in the country after the teachings of God Gautam Buddha.

Christianity came here with English and French who ruled here for a long time for some 200 years. In this way, the origin of different religions has been brought here from ancient times or in some way. However, people of all religions remain together peacefully without affecting their customs and beliefs.

India’s national language is Hindi, although about 22 official languages ​​and 400 other languages ​​are spoken daily in different states and union territories. According to history, India is recognized as the birthplace of religions like Hindu and Buddhist religions. Majority of India’s population is related to Hindu religion. The second variety of Hindu religion is Shaiva, Shaktya, Vaishnava and Smrata.

Many ages have come and gone, but no one has become so influential that they can change our real culture. Nabirajju is associated with the generation of the old generation from the new generation even today. Our national culture always teaches us to do good deeds, respect elders, help compelled people, and help poor and needy people.

It is our religious culture that we keep fasting, worship, offer the Ganges water, do the sun salute, touch the feet of the family members, meditate and meditate everyday, and feed the hungry and the disabled. This great culture of our nation is that we serve our guests with great pleasure because guests are the form of God. This is why the statement of “Atithi Devo Bhava:” in India is very famous. The basic root of our culture is human and spiritual work.



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