Heena Talreja/Khan Murdered by Husband Adnan Khan and His Friends Gangraped her Because…


Crimes are increasing day by Day all around us and in many cases, there are clear evidences of Cultural and Religious Reasons, however, the mainstream media ignores it. We often hear cases of Love Jihad and deny it by saying such things are myth, Propaganda by Right wing Extremists to give a bad image to Minorities in India.

Most of the cases are true though. A Recent case is of this Beautiful woman called Heena Talreja AKA Heena Khan, who was living with her mother. She had lost her father a few years ago and was working in a Hooka Bar. Her story will shatter your soul.

Here Is What Happened To Her:- In 2015, Heena Talreja, a Mirpur Resident was befriended by Shahganj resident Adnan Khan online. Adnan used to visit her regularly at a Hookah Parlour where she used to work. Co-workers remember her as a jovial and helpful person.

After some days, he proposed her. Heena thought his love for her is true and they got married at a Masjid against her mother’s wishes. Adnan later formalized the marriage at a Registrar Office. Heena also converted to Islam & became Heena Khan.

2017: Adnan got into another affair and married another girl. An irate and shattered Heena lodged a case of Cheating against her husband with the Police. She was contemplating Divorce proceedings. July 4 : Adnan tried hard to persuade her.

She agreed to resolve differences over dinner at a Local Dhaba where they used to frequent. Adnan came along with his friend Khaled and another person. After a sumptuous dinner, they drove back home.

In a remote isolated area, Khaled and his friend started Gangraping Heena inside the vehicle. As pre-planned, Adnan watched it as a mute spectator. He later shot her at Point Blank on forehead and also inserted a knife in forehead to ensure that she is dead.

They took away her mobile phone and belongings before dumping her near Punnau Village on a Highway near Kaushambi District and fled to Mumbai. Her body was discovered on July 5 2017.

Mainstream media was busy making stories about her character and Ignoring her husband name and Propagating stories of Late night parties, Alcohol addiction, secret marriage etc. No one is talking about the girl who lost her life in a dreadful way just because of a Wrong decision to marry a wrong guy.

Her So called lover and Husband, According to Sharia is allowed to have more than 3 wives. Girls should understand the cultural differences while choosing their partner to prevent such cases. Awareness should be there.


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