Health is Wealth


Health is Wealth

Health was initially known as a condition in which a person was fit mentally and physically. The problem of poor health was when a person becomes sick or suffers from other physical ailments. However, with the passing of time, the definition of health has changed and now a broad perspective has been included in it.

Different components of health

There are basically five components of health. A person is considered healthy when all these components are correct.

Physical health
Physical health is related to being physically fit and devoid of all diseases. Good physical health promotes long life span.

How to maintain physical health?

1.Follow the appropriate diet plan which includes all the necessary micronutrients.
2.Reduce consumption of oil, sweet and junk food.
3.Avoid smoking, drinking, and taking drugs.
4.Get enough sleep everyday.
5.exercise regularly.
6.Go for regular health check.

Mental and emotional health

It includes a person’s psychological and emotional well-being. Our mental health basically affects the way we feel, in different situations and control the situation, etc. Considering mental health, it is important to maintain physical health.

How to maintain mental and emotional health?

1.Take care of your physical health.
2.Value and respect yourself.
3.Stay with good and positive people.
6.Learn how to deal with stress.

Social health

Social health has the ability to maintain and maintain interpersonal relationships with its friends, neighbors, relatives and others in society. It shows the ability of a person to function properly and adapt to different social conditions.

How to maintain social health?

1.Develop your image.
2.Learning Communication Skills To Communicate Effectively.
3.Be friendly and positive.
4.Learn the art of anger management.
5.Take part in social gatherings.
6.Become a Good Listener.

Cognitive health

When a person’s brain performs all the mental processes efficiently, it is said to enjoy good cognitive health. Processes and activities involves efficient use of language to communicate new things, good decisions, talk about their point of view and strong intuition.

How to maintain cognitive health? healthy.
2.Sleep for 8 hours each day.
3.To promote brain power, take herbs like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, and Kalamas.
4.Play brain games like chess, sudoku, word puzzles etc..
5.Join meaningful discussions.
6.Do more work together.

Spiritual health

It is basically a person has to establish a sense of relationship with himself to understand the meaning of life.

Maintaining spiritual health makes one person more positive, combative and untrained.

How to maintain spiritual health?

1.Take some time each day for self-introspection.
2.If you can not concentrate while thinking, write your thoughts in a diary.
4.Practice deep breathing.
5.Practice yoga.

What is cultural health?

It is basically an education discipline that educates about proper cultural information. It refers to the cross-cultural potential which is essential for establishing effective cultural communication.

It is divided into four categories;

National: It is centered on the cultural literacy of the country’s values, principles and interests, which relates to one person.
Medicine: It focuses on the cultural ability of medical representatives and organizations.
Ethnic: It focuses on cultural literacy, which is about the values, principles and interests of a person related to that person.

Education: It focuses on the cultural literacy of students and professionals. Many schools have started incorporating it in their curriculum.

Health means not only your physical and mental health but also about the different elements mentioned above. Where good physical health is the basis for a healthy life, you need to maintain all other health components to enjoy a healthy life.


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