Global warming


Global warming

Global warming is a big environmental and social issue for the whole world, everyone should know, especially our children because they are our future.
Global warming is a major atmospheric issue in the world. Our Earth is becoming increasingly hot due to the continuous absorption of sunlight, which is increasing the level of carbondioxide in the atmosphere. With its ever increasing side effects, big problems are happening to humans. For which a great need of social awareness is needed.

Increasing CO2 on the Earth will have a great impact on human life, it will consistently produce hot winds, sudden storms, unexpected cyclones, degradation in the ozone layer, floods, heavy rains, droughts, food shortages, epidemics, and moons etc.




Due to global warming, water evaporates into the atmosphere, due to which greenhouse gas is formed and due to which global warming increases again. Other actions such as burning of fossil fuels, use of fertilizers, increase in gases such as CFCs, tropospheric ozone and nitrous oxide are also responsible for global warming. The fundamental reason for its growth is technological advancement, population explosion, industrialization, deforestation, and urbanization.

With excessive deforestation, we are spoiling the balance of nature, as well as technological advances such as global carbon cycling are holes in the ozone layer, and this gives ultraviolet rays easy access to the Earth, the reason for the increase in global warming.

Due to global warming:

Carbonide oxide (CO2) and sulfidei oxide (SO2) have increased by 10 times in the past few years. According to natural and industrial processes including oxidation cycling and photosynthesis, the removal of carbon dioxide varies continuously. Greenhouse gas emitted from the organic matter also causes methane in the atmosphere.

Decreased ozone layer in Antarctica is also a cause of global warming. Ozone layer is decreasing due to the increase of CFCs gas. This is a human-caused cause of global warming. CFCc gas is used in industrial fluid cleaning in many places like aerosol propellant and in the fridge, whose regular growth decreases the ozone layer.

The effect of global warming:

Due to the growth of global warming, its effects have become clear in some years. According to the US Geological Survey, the Montana Glacier National Park used to be 150 glaciers, but due to its influence, only 25 survive now. Hurricanes are becoming more dangerous and powerful than the big climate change. Natural storms are becoming very powerful by taking energy from the temperature difference. Year 2012 since 1895Has been recorded as the hottest year and with the year 2003, 2013 was recorded as the hottest year since 1880.

There has been a lot of climate change due to global warming, such as the increase in the summer season, the decrease in the cold weather, the increase in temperature, the change in air circulation, the jet stream, the uninterrupted weather, the melting of ice peaks, ozone Corrosion in the layer, severe storm, cyclone, flood, drought etc.

Solution of Global Warming:

Many awareness campaigns and programs are being run and implemented by government agencies, business leaders, private sectors and NGOs. There are some such disadvantages by global warming which are impossible to compensate (melting of ice peaks). We should not withdraw from now and by reducing human-born factors of global warming, each one should do its best to reduce its impact. We should at least emit greenhouse gases from the environment and adopt climate change which has been happening for years. Try to use pure and clean energy instead of electricity, or use energy generated from solar, air and geothermal. Reducing the level of oil burning and the use of coal, transport modes, and the level of electrical goods can reduce the effect of global warming.


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