Gauri Lankesh and her Friend leave the Clues, So, Here’s who Murdered Gauri and Why?


Gauri lankesh mentioned about her killers in the twitter handle? Yes, this running in several people’s mind because the tweets of Gauri lankesh just before her death say something i fishy. Her message clearly indicated that everything was not going well among her people. She said why do i feel that some of us are fighting among ourselves? We all know our biggest enemy. Can we all concentrate on that.

She clearly hinted that everything is not okay within her circle. She also warned not to expose each other. Upon that she even mentioned the biggest enemy. So did she know that someone is after her life? Well the truth should prevail and this can be only achieved after the investigation is done in just manner.

The same theory is floating again after the death of Gauri lankesh. When any death happen in BJP ruled state, blame Modi and if it happen in congress ruled state, blame Hindutva. This dirty game has taken wing once again. The first one to start is the famous Journalist for all wrong reasons. The explosive information was revealed by her friend who was her batch mate in IIMC from 1983-84. Her friend also revealed that Ms Gauri wasn’t even scared of these threats calls. That what a journalist is meant to do this was her response.

Have a look at what journalist Rana ayyub tweeted. She is known for her hate Mongering anti_ Hindu tweets. This is the time when Journalist needs to be sensible so that the Society can be steered in a right way. But this journalist who tried to build her on sucking Godhra riots has once again proved that she can’t come out of her Communal mentality.

The murder case of journalist Gauri Lankesh has taken a sensational twist and this may possible help the police to trace out the murderers . She was preparing an investigative report against the politician and industrialists of karnataka. Due to this, she was getting threat calls and blank message from past few days . This indicates that she was targeting powerful people of Karnataka.

In yet other sensational allusion, the Congress government in Karnataka led by Chief Minister Siddharamiah is being associated with Gauri Lankesh’s murder. A tweet by a TV journalist Vikas Bhadauria is being widely quoted by the right wing groups to prove that the real culprit could be the state government itself.

Siddaramaiah has condemned the killing and has denied speaking on any conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, Gauri Lankesh’s murder has assumed large-scale attention with a section of the social media demanding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reaction to it. While the PM is on a visit abroad, several other Union ministers have condemned the grisly incident.

Most of the Union ministers have sought to point out that law and order is a state subject and demanded the Congress government in Karnataka to solve the murder case as fast as possible and bring the killers to book.


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