Finally Bofors Scam exposed after 31 years, this is how “Rajiv Gandhi sold India’s Safety for Thousand of crores”


After three decades, the plan that put the entire nation under threat is been exposed. Sten Lindstrom, who was the former head of the Swedish police, led the investigation into the Bofors-India howitzer deal. Presently  he is the chief investigator of the Bofors scam and he said that Rajiv Gandhi was aware of the illegal payments; this is a quid pro quo case.

In 2004, the Delhi High Court cleared Rajiv Gandhi of the allegations. But the CBI wanted to pursue the case, as expected UPA didn’t allow that to happen. So it is clear that the UPA buried the bofors scam. Now, it is crystal clear that the PM Rajiv Gandhi covered up the scam and even obfuscated the investigation.

The Parliamentary Committee on last week had suggested that the case of irregularities into the purchase of Bofors guns should be restarted as there were many “Loopholes” in the previous investigation. So the CBI replied that it can re-open the case if Supreme Court of the Centre orders to do so.

The six members PAC Subcommittee on defence is looking into non-compliance of certain aspects of the CAG report of 1986 on the deal.

Now this has been a massive blow to the congress party, one after the other scams is choking Congress even though it is not a ruling party.

Bofors scandal was the biggest ever because it was a scam done by ruling party by ignoring India’s own security.

The then PM Rajiv Gandhi literally sold India for huge kickbacks. The deal took place between Congress and Sweden arms dealers during the period of 1980’s and 1990’s.

“Bofors AB” paid huge kickbacks for winning the bid to supply 155 mm field howitzer. Indian Government led by the Rajiv Gandhi allegedly received US$ 1.4 billion from the swedish arms manufacture bofors.

Violations of several laws in this contract by the Indian Government were clearly evident. The evidentiary basis for the investigation was the documentation leaked to the Hindu by the confidential source, the key documents being the Swiss bank papers, transaction documents, secret contracts, and a diary and notes kept by Ardbo, which had been seized by the Swedidh police.

The Then PM Mr Gandhi and the then PM Minister of Sweden Olaf Palme had discussed of  the financial quid-pro-quo to carry out the Bofors gun deal. This conversation took between these two in a fight in January 1986, where Mr Gandhi requested Olof Palme to recieve the funds from the Bofors urgently. This was revealed by Sten Lindstrom .,

After this, a case was filed against Chadha, Quattrocchi, Bhatnagar, Ardbo and Bofors AB.Rajiv Gandhi was considered as “an accussed not sent for trial” on October 22, 1999 as he was dead. So the arrest warrants was issued against Quattrocchi and summoned the other four.


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