Reports prove DR Kafeel Khan is the Real Culprit of Gorakhpur Tragedy, Leftist Media made him Hero


Lucknow: Doctor Kafeel Ahmad Khan, who headed the encephalitis ward of BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur and hailed as a saviour, was Removed from his Job on Sunday. The development comes two days after he reportedly saved hundreds of children by collecting oxygen cylinders from various nursing homes.  Dr Kafeel Ahmed Khan, who until a night ago was being hailed as a hero for saving lives at Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College on August 11-12, now stands accused of stealing oxygen cylinders from the hospital and financial irregularities.

Reports that Dr Kafeel Ahmad Khan, Head of the Encephalitis ward, sprung into action when he received a distress call from the hospital on the intervening night of August 12 raised some questions- how could the nodal officer not be aware of dwindling oxygen supply needed for his patients?

But, Khan who is being portrayed as a hero and saviour, might not be all that big a hero after all. Dr. Kafeel Ahmad Khan was arrested by Delhi police in 2009 for sitting in PG Medical exam for another person.

In addition, Dr Kafeel Khan was also a member of the supplies department- that concerns the stock and storage of medical equipment. According to some reports, Dr Kafeel Khan even spent one year in jail for Raping a girl, he also threatened her to not to report about the incidence to anyone.

During Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s visit to the medical college on August 9, Dr Kafeel Khan was one of the doctors assisting his review, but according to the staff- neither did he apprise the CM on the erratic supply of oxygen cylinders nor about hospital defaulting on payments.

Dr. Kafeel Ahmad is Chief Nodal Officer of Encephalitis department at BRD College,appointed by SP govt.

He also owns and runs the famous MEDISPRING CHILDREN HOSPITAL at Azaad Chowk, despite being in governtment job and holding such a vital and critical post.

When the situation spiralled out of control on the night of August 11, Dr Kafeel Khan hurriedly sent three oxygen cylinders from his clinic to the hospital- all the while maintaining that he had ‘borrowed’ those. Speaking to other doctors, junior staff at the BRD College, it surfaced that Khan and then principal Dr Rajiv Mishra received a commission on every hospital purchase and handled the deals with oxygen cylinder supplier- Pushpa Sales Pvt Ltd.

Dr. Bhupendra Sharma has now replaced Khan as the Nodal Officer at BRD Medical College, ANI reported. No official reason was given for Khan’s removal.

The toll would have increased had he not acted promptly to arrange fresh oxygen supplies, according to media reports. Khan had reportedly borrowed three oxygen cylinders from his friend’s private clinic and arranged nine more from other hospitals in order to save lives.

But before leaving the hospital for the cylinders he strictly instructed the staff members to keep pumping Ambu bags in case the oxygen supply decreases.According to DNA, the doctor himself had paid a local oxygen supplier. He withdrew Rs 10,000 from his account to pay for the cylinders, DNA reported.


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