Desperate to See Women in Shorts, Rahul Gandhi Enters Ladies Toilet in Gujrat, What Happened Next is..


Rahul Gandhi is creating waves all across Gujarat with his witty one-liners criticising the Modi-government. Rahul Gandhi is in Gujarat and it seems he is on the highest level of LSD. He is consuming something very amazing and Kaamdev has really caught him up.

His campaign was free of his infamous gaffes – until today, when he accidentally entered a ladies’ toilet in Chhota Udepur district. Rahul was in the district for his ‘Samvad’ event to interact with young people.

After the event, while on his way out of the town hall, Gandhi stepped into the ladies toilet. Incidentally, there was no sign differentiating it from the one meant for men. However, there was a poster in Gujarati that read ‘Mahilao Mate Shauchalya’.

Sources said that Rahul entered the ladies toilet as he could not read Gujarati. His SPG commandos soon realised that he had made a faux pas and went behind him but Rahul himself got to know about his mistake a came out within a few seconds.

Many women present at the scene took pictures of Rahul coming out of the washroom. Several people took to Twitter to share these pictures. Locals at the venue said that immediately after Rahul came out of the toilet people burst into laughter.

The entire scene was recorded by media persons present there. During his Gujarat tour, Rahul attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah claiming that they are beneficiaries of rising business fortunes of the latter’s son and alleged that “achhe din” had arrived for them.

Seeking to revive the Congress’s fortunes in the state where the BJP holds sway, the Congress leader also visited a temple and fed grass to a cow, in gestures loaded with symbolism.

We can understand the desires of an unmarried 50-year-old young man who belongs to Nehru-Gandhi family. We have heard a lot of stories of Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi as well. We even have heard stories that how Rajeev Gandhi got Sonia Gandhi.

We even read Sonia Gandhi’s boy friend’s letter explaining how Sonia Gandhi left him for Rajeev. So such desires are pretty much natural and come out of heredity in Rahul Gandhi.


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