Breaking: Hail Indian Army!! Great News Coming from Dokalam. China has Decided to..


According to Fresh reports coming from Dokalam, China has finally agreed to pull back its troops 100 metres from the standoff point. This is the most important event in the entire Dokalam Stand off Issue that for first time in last 2 months, China is adopting a Soft Stand in Sikkim against Indian Army. The Indian side is said to be insisting that China should move back its troops 250 metre from the standoff point at Doklam before Indian troops withdraw.

Chinese side, on the hand, has said that pulling back 100 metre should be fine and Indian soldiers should go back to their previous position. These reports indicate that both India and China are working for an honourable exit from the Doklam standoff.

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At the same time, China has officially denied plan to move back its troops, according to a Global Times report, which quoted an anonymous official.

There are parallel reports that Chinese PLA has stationed around 300-400 troops in tents put up about a kilometre from the Doklam standoff point. India, on the other hand, is reported to have asked its  Sukna-based 33 Corps to be in the state of full preparedness and wait for orders if reinforcement at Doklam or Doka La is required.

A PTI report quoted an official source as saying that Indian Army was in a ‘no war, no peace’ mode against the Chinese military in Doklam.



The ‘no war, no peace’ mode between Indian and Chinese troops is going on for nearly two months. It began on June 1 when the PLA asked the Indian Army to remove two bunkers that the India had set up in 2012 at Lalten area of Doka La – known as Doklam in Bhutan and Donglong in China.

For many years before setting up the bunkers in 2012, the Indian Army had been patrolling the area. It was done as measure to smoothen the routine border operations in the region and provide security to Bhutan-China border.

The forward positions of the Indian Army informed the 33 Corps Headquarters at Sukna about the Chinese demand. Meanwhile, on the night of June 6, the Chinese troops came with two bulldozers and demolished the bunkers. They claimed that the area belonged to China and Indian or Bhutanese forces could not patrol there.


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