BREAKING : Cheapster Chinese Airlines Does This Shameful Act with Indian Passengers


Now,India and china are facing one of the Violent patch in their relationship since the Doklam issue started last month.

China Airline misbehaved with  Indian passenger, An incident of mistreatment has surfaced at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. A passenger complained to the Indian Foreign Ministry against the poor conduct of China Eastern Airlines staff, after which the matter was raised in front of China. The passenger said in his complaint, “It was from the body language of the airline staff that it was frustrated by the growing border dispute between the two countries, that is why this happened.

” Nonetheless, airline management has dismissed the allegations. Let the Army of both countries face face to face in the Dokalm area of ​​Sikkim sector for almost 2 months. This area is a Tri Junction (the place where the boundaries of three countries)). China wants to make a road here, but India and Bhutan are opposing it. According to the news agency PTI, sources said that after the case came to Sushma Swaraj’s notice, it was raised in front of the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office and Pudong Airport Authorities, which were under the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

On the other hand, China’s official news agency Xinhua said Saturday night that China Eastern Airlines has accused the Indians of mistreating the allegations wrong. In its statement, the airline said in its statement that after investigating the CCTV footage of the related materials and airport, it has been found that the incident report does not match the facts. The airline said in its statement that our Employees offered service to Indians very carefully. The company also claimed that the airlines are famous for providing quality services to the passengers all over the world.

What did the passenger said in his complaint?

Recently in the media report it was said that the passenger named Satnam Singh Chahal wrote the letter to Sushma Swaraj about the incident. Chahal is the executive director of the North American Punjabi Association. He traveled from New Delhi to San Francisco on August 6, with flights from China Eastern Airlines. This flight was halted at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, from where Chahal caught the second flight of San Francisco.

Chahal said in his letter, “When leaving the exit gate of the plane, I noticed that the ground staff was insulting the Indian passengers. When I complained to the airlines, his officers started shouting at me, they were shouting at their body language. That they were frustrated with the growing border dispute between India and China. “


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