Barkha Dutt tries to gain Sympathy on her Sexual Abuse story and See how she got trolled on Social Media


At the Women in the World Summit, held in New York, Barkha Dutt openly shared her experience of sexual abuse in childhood. ”I cannot, with any honesty write about feminism, call myself a feminist, or talk about the need to lift the veil of silence and the conspiracy of silence around sexual violence and abuse, if I’m not ready to break the silence in my own life.

meanwhile, let us check how people reacted to her admission of having gone through Sexual abuse in childhood. see how people reacted on Social Media, to Barkha dutt’s shocking revelations..

Popular Leftist Journalist Barkha Dutt recently admitted about her experience in childhood with a sexual harassment by one older man and BOOM she started trending on Facebook after a long time and yes, once the Modi Brigade did not spare her even on this account.

While people are saying things they shouldn’t be, however, it seems like every outrage has a reason behind it..over the years Barkha dutt has almost lost her journalistic credibility and authority that she used to have, once upon a time.

Must watch!! When Arnab Goswami literally ripped apart Barkha Dutt and other marxist journalists in his trademark royal style.. lol !! watch the classic Video below:

Hats off Arnab.I’m not a fan of yours,but that stand that you took against these paid presstitute idiots was 100% legitimate and justified. man, you are the Real Hero.

Watch: “When Amit Shah exposed Barkha Dutt on her face”

Barkha Dutt’s fear-mongering agenda exposed by Amit Shah on her face during an interview just after BJP won national elections in 2014.

Watch the video here:

Same Barkha Dutt who defends rights of Kashmiris to pelt stones and Naxals to kill Policemen, same Barkha who went to Middle East to cover Jasmine Revolution.. Same Barkha who called Shoe throwing as “Potent Symbol of Protest” “Gives Marginalized ones a way to attack the powerful”.

Now same Barkha have lampooned a INDIAN’s attempt at throwing shoe towards Congress Party (Sonia) politician .. Janardan Trivedi. She now calls it “Indian Tamasha”, “a Culture of Lynch Mob and Intolerance and Difference of Views”. What is reason for this ? It is because Indian Media is paid for this by Congress Party through :-

1) Government Ads (Bharat Navnirman, Rajiv Gandhi, NREGA ads) , Bailout by Proxies (Bailout by banks like ICICI and foreign firms in same manner as Maxis bailed out Sun TV);
2) Sheltered from prosecution for receiving kickbacks (ED have evidence that Pronoy Roy received Kickbacks);
3) Channel Licences that likes of NDTV tend to sell after some time to make huge profit (NDTV Imagine).


Oops!! we nailed her hard

पर यार, बच्ची की जान ही लोगे अब क्या?? 😀

हुन त्वानू आर्टिकल पसंद आया तां कमेंट करो वीरे!!

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