Major Alert!! Home Ministry Warns- If you have these 4 apps, you will lose all your Money


If you have these 4 applications then you are risking your Private Info, your Wealth, Bank accounts and you are also compromising with National Security. as soon as the Home Ministry got informed on this, all Intelligence units have been put on alert and Citizens have been strictly asked by Home ministry not to download these 4 apps in your Phone.

According to Government of India, App no-1 to be deleted is ‘Talking Frog’ .. it’s a pakistani app designed to steal your personal Data, so,delete this Dangerous app from your smartphone right away.

Actually pakistani Intelligence organizations are using sending out malwares Via these apps to Spy on our country. The Home ministry has asked mobile users to immediately delete four apps -Top Gun (Game App), Mpjunkie (Music App), Bdjunkie (video App) and Talking Frog (Entertainment App)- from their smartphones to prevent cyber fraud.

According to the Home Ministry, Pakistani agencies are infecting mobile phones in India with malwares through these apps to steal sensitive information and for espionage purposes.

The ministry has asked mobile users to immediately delete four apps -Top Gun (game app), Mpjunkie (music app), Bdjunkie (video app) and Talking Frog (entertainment app)- from their smartphones to prevent cyber fraud.

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know these 5 other apps too which can steal all your personal data and force you for ransom Money to give you back your personal data…

1) Android Defender

This one surfaced back in 2013. Android Defender is believed to be a pioneer in the array of mobile ransomware plagues accommodating rogue antivirus characteristics and the capability of locking the screen of an infected smartphone. This app is distributed via multiple shady sites, but Google’s Play Store never was one of them. Users are duped into downloading something they think is Skype with a free phone call feature.

2) Simplocker

This sample is the first-ever Android ransomware that encrypts files. It emerged from the Russian underground forum and was originally spotted in the wild in summer 2014. Simplocker represents the Reveton family known for coining the infamous police ransomware.

3) Adult Player

Adult Player claims to be a porn video player solution. It’s trickier than most counterparts as it does what’s promised for a while without locking the device. It turns out, though, that the infection uses this timeout to its advantage, taking photos of the victim with the gadget’s frontfacing the camera. This way, it collects stronger extortion arguments than just the risk of losing personal files, threatening the person also to make some embarrassing pictures public. The phone lock routine is accompanied by a ransom screen displaying the victim’s photos.

4) Lockerpin

Lockerpin, which pretends to be yet another x-rated media content player, is distributed in a similar fashion. Reputable services like Google Play are not involved in the spreading process. This campaign, however, is a lot more hazardous because it exploits the stock screen lock features built into Android.

5) Lockdroid

This iteration of Android ransomware employs Google’s Material Design to build a trustworthy-looking user interface. Material Design is a language created by Google that features grid-based layouts, fancy depth effects, and responsive visual components to deliver intuitive experience across the company’s services. The criminals behind Lockdroid use this style to generate counterfeit legal warnings and display the harvested device logs along with sensitive use details in a bid to make the extortion scarier and more realistic.


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